There are many good reasons to choose near-infrared light therapy devices from Care Light Medical Systems:

  • Care Light is leading the way in providing documented clinical medical research to support the healing benefits of LED Light Therapy
  • Supports the Body’s natural healing processes to Reduce Inflammation and Increasing Circulation
  • Face Mask with Red and Blue light, assists the Body for nervous system balance, deeper relaxation, and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorders)
  • Care Light system devices emit wavelengths of multicolored light, known as Poly-chromatic light which delivers many unique benefits of light frequencies to assist our Body’s to heal from low-level light therapy safely without any side effects.
  • Number and quality of diodes of light: Most systems on the market have 10 to 20 diodes, and few Light Therapy systems have greater than 100
  • More diodes, means the more light that transfers into the body (causing extra energy) by increasing the circulation and nitric oxide release to dilate the blood vessels
  • Soft, flexible Neoprene pads, easy to apply with unlimited positions available, can be used simultaneously on different areas of the Body during a session
  • Frequency settings are layered and incorporated with sound Nogier & Solfeggio frequencies for optimum healing benefits
  • Care Light systems are called Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) because they are noninvasive, painless and cool to the touch. The Cells beneath the skin absorb the light energy from the Light emitting diodes.
  • Low -Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is completely natural with no side effects, assisting the body to reduce the body’s symptoms over time.
  • Each Care Light Therapy session is automatically programmed for 20 minutes and the effects from the session last for several hours after the treatment activating the Body’s healing response.
Near-infrared light therapy devices from Care Light Medical are FDA Cleared for increasing circulation and reducing pain. All near-infrared light therapy devices from Care Light Medical are proudly made in the U.S.A. and come with a one year warranty; pads and system controllers are individually repairable and replaceable.